Kansas Championship Association
Sunflower Open All Age Classic
Hell Creek WMA, Blue Mountain, MS

November 9, 2019 to conclusion

Once again, we were blessed with great weather, great judges, and extraordinary dogs. The Sunflower has a long history of presenting dogs that go on to win on the major circuit. Our thanks to Allison and Jarrett Bell who came, rode right, and placed dogs no one could question. Allison rode in pain and underwent surgery the next week. I am happy to report she is progressing nicely. This young couple has a lot to offer the bird dog community. I would like to thank those that helped put on the trial, but I would have to list all the participants, as everyone pitched in and helped. Gary Lester cooked for a Tuesday evening supper. All enjoyed the food and camaraderie. John and his wife again helped with this evening meal and brought dessert.

We always start with the young dogs. Ike Todd took first and third while Steve Hurdle took second with Rick Stallings. Big, easy dog. All the placed Derbys had bird work. Cecil Rester had two prairie dogs that really impressed. Sadly, both went birdless.

This was the year for lots of bird work and the All Age Classic did not disappoint. Cold Water Thunder, smaller-sized, liver and white female, blistered the ground, had two standout finds, and somehow kept track of her handler. Always in the right place at the right time when seen. Lester’s Storm Surge kept up his winning ways by scoring on birds with a big outfront race. It was close with Swift Justice. Beautiful setter male belonging to Brad Kennedy. Danny, as he is called, drew the 3rd hour, the big bottoms below the brick house. He filled the big edge fields, always checking before going on. His bird work was worthy of any painting.

All in all, a fun trial! Big races, plenty of bird work, and fun people to be around. We hope Allison Bell and Gary Lester are back in the saddle soon.

Sunflower 2019 All Age Derby Winners:
1st: Superstitions Jake, handler Ike Todd
2nd: Quick Silver Big Easy, handler Steve Hurdle
3rd: Houses County Line Pat, handler Ike Todd
Sunflower 2019 All Age Derby, pictured from left to right:

Jarrett Bell (Judge), Mark Haynes  /  Superstitions Jake, 

Ike Todd, Matt Conrad  /  Houses County Line Pat.

Sunflower 2019 All Age Classic Winners:
1st: Cold Water Thunder, handler Steve Hurdle
2nd: Lesters Storm Surge, handler Mark Haynes
3rd: Swift Justice, handler Steve Hurdle

Sunflower 2019 All Age Classic, pictured from

left to right: Allison Bell (Judge), Jarrett Bell (Judge),

Kory Reinhart / Coldwater Thunder, Mark Haynes,

Nick Thompson  /  Lesters Storm Surge, Gary Lester,

Steve Hurdle  /  Swift Justice, Rachel Blackwell, David Russel.


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